This website serves as my personal profile. It will mostly contain information on my research activities and personal interests. I might use the blog from time to time to express my personal thoughts.

Research Activies

I obtained my master degree in computer science from the RWTH Aachen with semesters abroad at the University of Gothenburg and UC Berkeley. In my Bachelor I was interested in theoretical computer science and wrote my thesis in mathematical logic. During my master I shifted my focus to artificial intelligence and machine learning. My master thesis deals with automatic speech recognition.

After I finished my degree I started a PhD at the Institute of Medical Informatics in M√ľnster. There I redeveloped the MDM-Portal, a research infrastructure to share clinical metadata. I got also involved in some further research regarding interoperability and reuse of metadata. My main interest lays in the application of machine learning to healthcare data and meaningful applications in clinical routine. Recently, I started to study medicine. I continue my research part-time.

Papers I have been involved in: